5 Secret Techniques to Improve Work-Life Balance

How many of you feel like drowning in your work life, not be able to sleep 7-8 hours and getting frustrated with your day-to-day work that seems piece of cake earlier?

What happened now, where you went wrong in your work life balance?

I have been in your shoes but gradually learned few tricks to avoid distractions and strengthen my decision-making skills so I can be more productive and efficient. Remember!!! It is your WILLPOWER. In a simple definition “willpower” is to restrain one’s impulse from making decisions. Few people have strong willpower, whereas, another show frail willpower. People with strong willpower assert decision even in contrary desires and people with weak willpower cave in easily.

Willpower is not just play an instrumental part in achieving our work life balance but also play an essential role in other parts of our lives. It is our lifestyle including social media, smart phones and fast food that made us weak-willed so even when it comes to losing 10lbs fat or running a start-up we become weak-willed individuals and does not accumulate or use enough energy to push ourselves for the long journey ahead.

Coming back to the solution, let’s learn about 5 Secret Techniques to improve our Work Life Balance

Eat Healthy

“When there is a health, there is wealth” and all of us should follow this same concept. If you are not healthy, then you cannot expect to give healthy work output. So stop treating your body like a trash and start feeding a healthy diet to your brain. I follow 4-hour body diet plan designed by Tim Ferriss. Avoid white carbohydrates (bread, fried food, pasta, etc.). Switch to small meals like chicken breast, green leafy vegetables, or lentils. Also, avoid alcohol, sugar drinks, and aspartame-containing beverages and drink a lot of WATER.


1. Make your body feel active even if you have 9 or 10 hours of sitting job.

2. HOW WILL I DO IT? Make your habit of taking a 1-minute stroll after every hour while in office, start taking stairs or leaving little early for work to walk for 20 minutes instead taking cabs.

3. During weekends engage yourself in any of the sports activity like squash, golf, swimming or may be cycling or Yoga.

Get some good night sleep and meditate

The human body is not made to work 24/7, but most of us tend to stretch its limitation by working 18-20 hours a day. Remember, when you did not get 7-8 hours of sleep in a day, then you are destroying your gray cells. Hence, the result will be poor performance, frustration and affect your health as well. How to use our WILLPOWER in our day-to-day work routine?

Break your task into achievable chunks

Stop agonizing yourself by setting huge goals in front of you. For instance, if you have a target of converting 400 leads in a month, then divide that 400 into four parts, keeping 100 leads target in a weak. Now this will seem a doable task to you that will make the things fun, motivating and easier.

Create habits for yourself?

Making Habits, what are you talking about? Yes, this will be the foremost impression I have been expecting but trust me it will help you in so many ways to achieve work life balance as you wished. Like brushing our teeth, taking a bath and making our lunch, etc. are our habits. Similarly, we need to make habits in our day-to-day work schedule, for instance, assessing previous day performance, writing one blog a day, adding one new activity in our weekly or monthly plan.

It is like when you condition your brain on a daily basis then it will automatically become a habit, hence, you will find everything in your life is falling in its place where they should be. If you are ready, then first figure out which part of your life needs more willpower and write them down in your personal diary.

Is it your office work? Is it your relationships? Is it your weight? Remember, you do not need to do everything at once, start with one, and gradually move to another issue.

So go ahead, say BYE-BYE to your work balance conflicts, frustration, and depression by following these basic strategies in your life.

Source by Supriyaa Nigam

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