The World Wide Web is based on unique numbers referred to as IP addresses and every unit or website that is part of the Web contains this kind of an address. It really is pretty difficult to remember to go to to see a website though, that's why a much easier system was introduced in the 80s - domain names. Every single domain includes a main part and an extension, to give an example or Many different extensions exist worldwide - part of them are given to countries, for example in the aforementioned example, which is given to the United Kingdom, while many others are generic, for example .com or .net. Many extensions are available for registration by any entity and some others have particular requirements - business registration, local presence, and so on. You're able to obtain a new domain name from a registrar organization like ours and when the extension supports domain transfers, you can relocate an existing domain name between registrars as well.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Shared Website Hosting

If you get your shared website hosting account through our company, you'll be able to register domains with over 50 generic and country-code extensions, for example .com, .net, .me, .pro, .tv, and numerous others. For some of the abovementioned we are a certified registrar, while for others we work with a number of the largest registrar companies available, and as a result we're able to offer you almost split-second registration and domain management services. If you already have a domain name through a different company, you are able to quickly transfer it over and control it together with your shared web hosting plan with our multifunctional Hepsia Control Panel. You will get full control over all of your domain names at any time and you'll be able to renew them, create custom-made domain records, define Privacy Protection and a lot more.

Domain Registration/Transfer in VPS Hosting

If you obtain a virtual private server plan through our company, you can also register a new domain name for your future site during the account acquiring process. In case you require additional domain names, you are able to obtain them in bulk via the VPS Control Panel afterwards. Depending on your target country and the type of your web sites, you're able to choose from 50+ different domain extensions and then register your names with the ones that will match your preferences perfectly. Your new domains will be accessible online very quickly considering the fact that we're an accredited registrar for the majority of the extensions and we partner with the biggest registrars for all others. If you'd like to host domains that are registered somewhere else, you can also shift them over and control them from a single place using your VPS account. On our end, you'll have full control over them, such as DNS control, which is a solution that numerous other suppliers offer at a further cost.

Domain Registration/Transfer in Dedicated Web Hosting

We support the majority of generic and country-specific domain name extensions, so that you will be able to purchase your brand new domain name together with your dedicated server or transfer a current domain and control it together with the hosting plan. When you need additional domains, you'll be able to buy them in bulk using the server’s billing Control Panel and you can choose from over 50 separate TLDs from all over the world. Because a number of extensions have certain pre-registration requirements, we will assist you with the process until your domains go online, and in the general case, this will take only a couple of minutes as we partner with an ICANN-certified registrar company. With our cutting-edge Domain Manager tool you will have full control of your domain names - create customized records, acquire Whois Privacy Protection, update the WHOIS info, and much more.