The monthly traffic characteristic, which is sometimes also referred to as bandwidth or info transfer, indicates the total amount of data that is uploaded to your shared website hosting account and downloaded from it every month. Your website traffic is produced mainly by web site visits - each time somebody finds your website, the pages they see are downloaded from the hosting server to his / her computer system or mobile device and they're shown by the internet browser. What counts for the site traffic produced is the size of these webpages, hence the more site visitors you get for a period of time, the more traffic will be generated. In addition to the site visits, file uploads are also counted towards the total monthly transfer this means that any time you upload site content or any other files using a file manager or an FTP software, they'll also generate some website traffic. The counter resets on the very first day of each and every month and it is not related to the date you have signed up as well as the date you've renewed the hosting plan.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Website Hosting

The monthly website traffic quota for all our shared website hosting plans is enough for any kind of web site. Whether you have a personal blog, a discussion board or eCommerce portal, how much information will be transferred to and from your account or hitting some low allowance limit will never be an explanation for your sites to be unavailable. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive web site traffic data, so you'll have the option to check the amount of content is being downloaded at all times. The monthly, daily and hourly results will give you an idea how your web sites are doing, what type of files generate the most web site traffic plus a lot more helpful info that can help you take care of your web sites as well as your account altogether. The stats can be accessed with just a few mouse-clicks in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.

Monthly Traffic in VPS Hosting

The monthly website traffic quota you'll get using our Linux VPS hosting is sufficient for any type of web site and it's proportional to the remainder of the system resources that come with every package. When you use a more powerful server, you can operate multiple websites or a few very popular sites, thus the site visitors allowance for the higher plans is also greater. In case you pick a low-end VPS package, you're able to enhance it whenever you want with several mouse-clicks through your billing Control Panel and then the additional resources will be allocated to your present account, including the extra website traffic allowance. The VPS accounts include a server management panel where you will be able to view the used and remaining website traffic for the current month along with all other resources. Furthermore, we send announcements when you reach 90% of the limit, so that you'll have enough time to react and update if you find it necessary.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Web Hosting

Considering how powerful all our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages are, the data transfer that you'll get each and every month will be sufficient for any type of website irrespective of the number of its visitors, even if you offer image or file hosting. You'll get an allowance of terabytes of website traffic every month and as you won't share the server with anyone else, that allowance will be provided just for your sites and web apps. We'll let you know if you get to 90% of the allowance so you'll be able to react and either optimize your websites to reduce the traffic they make, or extend the limit. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever need more than what we'll provide, still we won't restrict the growth of your web sites, so we leave the option to include more website traffic open. The dedicated server plans come with a control panel where you will be able to see what amount of traffic has been produced to date for the current month and how much is left until you reach the limit. Considering that these figures feature software installations as well as any updates, they're more clear as compared to various hosting Control Panel statistics which include just the traffic made by web sites.