How to Get Over the Past – Move on in Life

Past Life Regression can be an effective tool in overcoming many situations where you are feeling stuck and out of sorts.

For instance, do you ever get the urge your life is set in a repeating pattern and things are just one re-occurring cycle? Feel like you are trapped inside a situation where you can’t seem to find your way out and no amount of hard work on your part is seeming to get the results in life you are looking for? You are not alone!

Being stuck in a continual loop is frustrating at best, and can be devastating to deal with. It wastes valuable life time having to deal with the same issues in various forms over and over again, especially when you feel like you should have learned the valuable lesson the last time around.

In many instances, Past Life Regression can be a valuable tool in overcoming those devastating highs and lows and can allow you to function at the level of prosperity God meant for you to have in your life.

How does Past Life Regression work? You don’t have to believe in Regression for this Therapy to work. Simply allowing the healing process to go forward and recognizing the link in the debilitating behaviors associated with your actions is enough.

It works like this, Past Life Regression allows you to link yourself to patterns you have in your life which are carried over from mistakes you have made in past existences. By searching back into the time those patterns existed, they can be recognized and released, breaking the cycle that has been created in the current life. Even if you do not believe in the process, Past Life Regression acts very powerfully in helping the mind understand why you carry those debilitating behaviors with you in the first place.

Source by Don G Anderson

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