How to Give a Guy the Best Night of His Life With These Oral Sex Tips

You want to lay it down and you want to give your man the greatest oral sex of his life. You want to give him a night and an experience that he isn’t going to forget for a long time. You want to be the best and in order to be the best, you need a little help.

If you want to give a guy the best night of his life, then you need to use these oral sex tips.

Get him aroused before. If you can get your man aroused before you start to stimulate him, it is going to make your job so much easier. You won’t have to be down there for as long since he will already be aroused and closer to orgasm, as opposed to if you just started everything on your own.

You can get him aroused by surprising him with a little lingerie and give him some eye candy to look at. Remember that your man loves his visual stimulation and a man loves to watch. When you enter that room in some lingerie or completely naked, this is going to jumpstart his orgasm and make him have an erection in no time at all.

Tease him a little. Men always complain how they hate a tease but they actually love it. Men love to feel that anticipation because it drives them wild. Before you let him enter your mouth, lightly suck or lick on his member, never letting him go in all the way. This is going to drive him crazy and he is going to be dying for you to let him go all the way. He is going to be begging for release and this is how you have all of the power.

When you are actually stimulating him and getting into it, use everything you got. Use one hand to stroke his shaft and use the other hand to stimulate his testicles. Do all of this while you are stimulating the tip of his member with your mouth. When you combine all of these touches and sensations, he gets some variety and won’t know what to do with it. Everything is going to feel amazing for him and he won’t be able to hold his orgasm in for very long.

This is how you give a guy the best night of his life and how you really give him amazing oral sex.

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