Life Is Like An Hourglass

Life is really much like an hourglass. I am guessing you have probably not heard that statement before. I was reflecting on my life today, good and bad, and this thought popped into my head.

Why did I come up with this crazy notion. Well, I’ll try to explain it in the following paragraphs.

Picture the beginning of your life being the top of a full hourglass. Remember the points in our live we couldn’t wait for? You know, old enough to go to school, drive, graduate from high school, old enough to drink, and maybe graduate from college.

Didn’t these years seem to take forever at the time? It was the same as waiting for Christmas. The days seemed like weeks!

During this point in our life, it seemed like hardly any sand would pour through the hourglass. It seemed like the early part of our life was spent anticipating the next month or year.

Then things speed up a little. The sand starts to flow a little faster. We may start a career or go to college. We are self centered and the world revolves around us.

Then, it is on to marriage and kids. This is the point in life that the sand really starts to flow! When our kids are small, it is hard to fathom them getting older. Then, “Boom!”, they are graduating from high school. Where did the years go?

Now, the sand is becoming faster and faster. A quick glance of your hourglass will show it to be about half full. This is where we start getting really nervous!

Shortly thereafter, you might be thinking, “wasn’t I just that age”? This is also about the time of the proverbial middle age meltdown. This is the point in life we really start thinking!

A few more years go by and you might now be worried that time might be going too fast. You may become a grandparent!

At his point you look over at your hourglass of life and are shocked at how much sand has slipped through. The speed of time becomes more like the speed of light!

Now is where it really get’s interesting. You tend to steal many glances at the old hourglass. You might even accuse someone of taking your sand. In fact, you start to become obsessed with the hourglass and spend more time looking at that than living your life. You tend to live more in the past than the future. Kind of like living in the bottom of the hourglass of life verses the top.

Some people stay at the bottom until they finally run out of sand. Sadly, what often happens is they are covered in falling sand before it eventually runs out. To me this is like living your years always standing in the past and wasting the remainder of your life.

So please, quit looking at your hourglass and live for today!

To Your Success,
Greg Gruba

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