Making Stained Glass Items – A Fun and Profitable Hobby

Items made from stained glass have been used for more than 500 years to decorate the interior and exterior of the house. Beautiful windows, lights and other objects made of stained glass can improve the look of your house significantly. More importantly it is possible to prepare these items at home without a lot of investment. That is what makes it such an attractive option to take up as a hobby. Unlike most other hobby ideas that you may be considering, this hobby can be extremely profitable as well. You can easily sell the items on eBay to generate a significant side income.

Getting started with the hobby will require you to join one of the workshops that are regularly conducted in most of the cities. If you are not sure if you should invest money in a workshop or not, then go for a book with step by step by guide on how to create different patterns with stained glass. That way you will not have to worry about what pattern to work on. Next buy some stained glass pieces from the local store and you can get started.

Working with stained glasses requires some basic tools. Typically you shall require a Glass Cutter for cutting the colored glass into required shapes and sizes, a set of breaking Pliers and a Glass Grinder for making the edges of the glass smooth. Finally you shall need a Soldering Iron to put all the pieces of glass together to create the stained glass pattern.

Start with some easy patterns and you can gradually migrate to more complex patterns over a period of time. Also you may start creating your own unique patterns and sell them on classified sites or auction sites to make a profit. Last but not the least you can start teaching others in your locality about how to take up this hobby.

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