Prison Break – Action Planning To Attain Total Freedom in Your Life

In terms of action, and act by act planning, execution, and presentation, Prison Break has been successful in achieving a position of popularity, penetrating wide viewer loyalty, and promising an exciting continuation of this television series.

Central to the theme of Prison Break is total freedom. This is the right of every individual to choose to be totally free from any form of prison, or imprisonment in life.

The rehabilitation process can be a good correction in any prison management returning back individuals into civilian life. Yet the clear message is for every individual not to be in it in the first place. The prison can be necessary, yet it is not relevant, should each individual in a society practices exemplary good conduct, mutual respect, cooperation rather than competition, and a divine way of life. Then there shall be no need for a prison, or the burden of other kinds of imprisonment in this life.

Next, a pertinent lesson in the pilot episode of Prison Break is planning. Specifically action planning. Interestingly, this kind of planning is full of movements that captivated the general audience attention, desire, interest, and action toward this television series.

The first frame showing the character Michael J. Scofield being tattooed, and the remark made about this fresh tattoo by the character Dr. Sarah Tancredi somewhere in the middle frame, to the last frame the character Lincoln Burrows was asked to view the tattoo closer to view wider, are the whole process of superb action planning.

Yes, superb because the tattoo is the blueprint for Michael, Lincoln, and the other characters breaking out of the prison, and it is also the master story board of the Scriptwriter, the Director, and the other crews unfolding the progression of action planning of the coming episodes of Prison Break.

So, what the Scriptwriter has in mind, outside the frame, and what Michael has in mind, inside the frame, is the same major action planning of Prison Break.

The driving force of this action planning, are the motive and the motivation of love. Yes, love in its many variations. For examples:

* Michael responding to his brotherly love of Lincoln and a possible love relationship perhaps forbidden by rules with Sarah;

* Veronica Donovan’s continuing love toward Lincoln and the entanglement with a newly found love in her fianceĆ©, Sebastian;

* Lisa Rix is a woman starting a new love and life with a new husband and a mommy’s love for L.J.;

* Fernando Sucre holding onto a passionate love for Maricruz, while facing a challenge from Hector;

* Captain Brad Bellick’s love for his job and other enticements in his life;

* Agent Paul Kellerman’s devotion, unique relationship and love for Carolyn Reynolds,

* John Abruzzi’s loves of himself and the bonds between his friends and his “enemies”.

* Charles West Moreland’s love for – Marlyn – a cat;

* Warden Henry Pope surprising his wife with a replica of Taj Mahal, a monumental undying love for her especially appealing to the romantic feeling in her on their 40th wedding anniversary;

* Bishop McMorrow’s love of God, opposing death penalty as a belief for another human;

* And more.

We shall agree that the opposite, an aspect of the contents in Prison Break, is the realization, what a shame it is that there are those who are planning with evil intention and for the wrong reason. They succumb to the setting up of other people, including devastating acts of killing, and hurting the others in numerous ways resulting predicaments, and to the extent of ruining these people’s life. But, it is a wonder as for what gain do these planners obtain? Money, or power, both, or else? Yet sooner better than later, they shall know that the truth shall prevail. No one can hide the corpse of an elephant, for example, with a maple leaf.

Next, observe the intention of action planning. There are those who choose an action planning for a reason, yet there are individuals who choose the same action planning for a purpose. Between a reason and a purpose, is the parting difference in intention of the entire process of planning. Then again there is a grand overall purpose so encompassing that requires any planning to fit into it in order to achieve total success. So please imagine real magic can be performed with action planning toward achieving total freedom.

Although there are those who are planning with evil intention, and for the wrong reason, once realized, an individual can introduce a counter-planning with a sincere intention that can disrupt this planning already in motion. So please imagine the possibilities of goodness in this world achievable with action planning, despite any evilness!

Truly, action planning involves a systematic, schematic, and step-by-step actions, be it short, middle, or long-term, moving toward total success in its manifestation. While in the flow of action planning an individual shall be observant to recurring cycles, and the appearance of synchronicity within the surroundings, due to the mind in the mode so magnetized that one begin to attract or to repel. This is the real magic in the psychology of attraction and repulsion.

In relations to action planning, there are various kinds of people emerging in synchronicity:

* Some people are vital to the action planning yet they are in the dark, so shed some light, so that they are enlightened to become a part of it.

* Some people do not know what the action planning is. They view it as a secret or a mystery. Let them be.

* Some people misunderstood or misconstrued what the action planning is. They might respond or react accordingly or beyond the norms. Explain to them if necessary.

* Some people want to know what the action planning is. They might be allowed or refused the information depending on the more or the less they know the better. Judge and decide wisely.

* Some people are checking up and start an inquiry, testing an individual to tell the truth or to bluff his or her way through, and later this individual shall face equivalent consequences. So be wise.

* Some people do not care or are indifference, although they are relevant to the action planning. Get their attention and participation.

* Some people might have an opinion about the action planning. Their opinion is not important as long as the individual is definite in his or her action planning. Let them say their piece, but when they act to the contrary, their attention need to be directed accordingly.

In addition, in the process of action planning, an individual shall encounter opportunities such as a blessing in disguise. These include seemingly irrelevant aspect to the planning, yet its value is surprisingly useful to the overall success of the action planning. Imagine the wisdom of the art and science of using sources and resources available to his or her advantage.

Once this action planning is implemented, there is a need for definiteness yet flexibility on the individual part, thus he or she shall always be wise to stay the course or allow vital changes.

When the action planning sways away from the course, then there is a need for redirection. When the action planning is halted, then there is a need to apply a back-up plan as a contingency.

In Prison Break, to ensure the action planning is a win-win for all, and seeing to it that no one gets hurt, although the individual know the cause and effect, the act and consequences, but he or she is only in control of the scripting, and not the outcome. The wisdom is to avoid elimination like a bulldozer, and choose to flow like water.

Please realize, while all of the above action planning are on going, observe particularly those individuals in the prison as a representation that most people do not have any plan in their life. They are either struggling, sacrificing, or just surviving.

Perhaps from the learning after watching the pilot episode of Prison Break, you can begin or improve your own action planning so that you can experience total freedom and you then achieve a complete won in your life now.

Source by Zubli Zainordin

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