Quilting Is a Hobby for Everyone

Quilting is very much like working on a picture puzzle. Each square, triangle, circle, or strip is sewn together using a pattern guide which repeats itself until the project is completed. Hand quilting, machine quilting, or a combination of both may be used.

This hobby can become addictive. Men, women, and children enjoy working on a variety of sewing projects.

Quilting Project Ideas:

  1. Bed covering

  2. Pillow cases and Decorator pillows

  3. Assorted clothing

  4. Handbags, Lingerie bags, and toy bags

  5. Stuffed toys

  6. Jewelry

  7. Furniture covers

  8. Wall hangers

  9. Costumes

  10. and more…

If you are new to quilting start with a small project. This will help to identify your style of sewing (hand or machine). Quilting is not for everyone.

Working on larger projects individually requires:

  1. Patience and tenacity for cutting fabric, piecing, and completion of project.

  2. Accurate and precise sewing

  3. Stitching appliques or other decorative notions

  4. The tedium of repeating patterns until completed.

  5. Attaching batting, backing, and finishing border.

This list may be the reasons why group quilting is preferred. It’s more fun as there is talking, laughing, and sharing pleasantries, recipes, and other interests among others who share in this art and craft activity.

Many people enjoy quilting and it will be necessary to learn new definitions. Newbies easily recognize terms as appliques, finger pressing, notions, right and wrong size, various seam descriptions, and pattern or template.

There is a longer list of terminology which everyone learns as they advance in the types of projects, sewing, assembling, and designing skills.

A few examples include:

  1. Batting – A type of fabric used between the quilt top and backing. There are different qualities. Poor quality produces “bearding”. After the first wash fibers poke through and need to be cut. Quality batting will not do this.

  2. Cake Layers – Pre-cut fabrics of 8 or 9 inch squares. Used for making fast quilts or bordering.

  3. Quilt challenge – A set of rules and criteria which are agreed upon before entering into a challenge with others.

Where do you find groups? There are thousands of people who enjoy this art and craft and they may be found in your local community, state, national, and international clubs and organizations. Ask your church, school, neighbors, family members, or surf online.

What do people do with their quilt projects?

  1. Make for self and family members.

  2. Gifts

  3. Retail

  4. Charity

Quilting is a gift for self and others. It is a giving and sharing hobby or a business opportunity.

Why is quilting addictive?

  1. It satisfies creativity and imagination.

  2. Love for fabrics and sewing

  3. A form of escapism from home and work responsibilities.

  4. It energizes our being.

  5. The enjoyment of giving and sharing with others. (Love)

  6. A fun and pleasurable undertaking.

  7. Satisfaction of completing a project

  8. We have a physical product to show for our time spent alone or with others.

  9. Creation of a memory. (My mother made this for me, it will not be thrown away.)

Quilting has existed for thousands of years and will continue to be with us.

Source by Tricia Deed

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