The Hot Metal Ezine: A Global Ezine For Hobby Workers

Hobby metal casting can be a rewarding metal craft hobby, would you like to learn more about the craft? Anyone interested in working with metals can join in with many other like-minded people and subscribe to this specialised ezine.

The ezine is an Australian publication,and it is written by a practising hobby metal caster from Australia. The ezine is published monthly, and is emailed to subscribers. It has articles of interest about hobby metal casting.

The ezine is an ideal starting point for the novice, who wants to

dip the toe in the water, to learn just a little more about melting and pouring metal.

Every now and again we run a profile on someone who has some interesting projects and ideas to share, this is just another way of learning about metal casting.

The beauty of the ezine is that it wont cost you a penny to join, it only takes a minute to subscribe and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

The hot metal ezine has been published for a period just over two

years, many of the first time list subscribers are still with us, so they must be still enjoying the articles and features.

So what exactly would the novice gain from being a subscriber?

The biggest benefit is the large amount of info articles available from back issues, there are all kinds of reference articles to read and learn from, stuff you would never get to hear or read about. I.e. How to go about making a homemade refractory brew, Or how to make up a batch of green sand, or where to source a special product for foundry work, plus lots more.

If you are interested in hobby metal casting and would like to find out more about the hobby, then visit our web site soon.

Col Croucher.

Source by Colin Croucher

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