The Rhythm of Life

Human beings evolved from unknown and non-existence into being. The passage of life from a humble dwelling into dizzy height of success and fame is a phase in itself. It is a journey through different realms which human beings experience prior to reaching the destination. It is created in a unique way which is memorable and worthy of reflection. They need to understand the importance of passage of life within the sanctity of spiritual freedom. The stages from conception to birth and onward indicate the purpose of creation. Once the purpose is understood then everything else associated with materialism becomes insignificant.

The Creator has gifted human beings with knowledge and wisdom to reflect on the signs of the creations. The tragedy is that the human beings have not explored and utilized their hidden talents. Hence nature and instinct overpowered the creative, original nature (It is called Fitrat in Arabic, there is no equivalent word in English language). Although the “Fitrat” will never change, however, it can relegate below nature and instinct. This is the crucial point where all human beings start drifting into the wilderness of chaos. Imam Ali Ibne Abutalib (PBUH) says, “The entire universe is hidden inside the man, alas! They do not reflect.”

The cardinal point of intersection is the demarcating line cautioning us to choose the righteous path over the dark pit. A question arises, what tools are available to us as guiding principles. If we ponder over, then we realize that The Creator has given us, “The Book, Wisdom, Knowledge and Role Models.” Now it is our responsibility to use these tools and achieve the remarkable feat within this realm. The supporting materials are rituals and practices, which will enhance the understanding the creative concept. A cautionary note is to ensure that the ritual rites and practices are associated with the values and followed in totality. If it fails in rightful execution, then we are practicing and comprehending the life in the vacuum.

Now coming back to the first point of creation and its reality. We should know that the creation of human being is to achieve a meaningful and a purposeful life. This obligation can be achieved if we are progressing and propagating as expected. We need to analyze in a profound and consequential way. It means to reflect while we are continually passing from one realm to another until we reach the final abode.

Again, diving deep into the situation we understand that we will meet death in this realm to move into another phase. In simplification, the soul will depart and continue to remain in an abstract form. The scholars explain that the scenario in this phase is a waiting period. Here, every soul will see acts and deeds of every individual. The way we live around the world will translate in the hereafter accordingly. Hence, this realm is very cumbersome and painful or peaceful until you move into another phase.

The culmination is a yet another difficult realm where judgement is pronounced. People’s achievements and failures will receive awards and punishments respectively. This is the crucial period where the people will depart in different directions subject to their performance and achievement. This is the place where eternity prevails and people will live in respective realms. Here, they either enjoy life in a pure, perfect way free from any evil, or they will suffer in pain and misery. Those who enjoyed life in this material world adopting all unscrupulous means, then they are destined in the dark pit full of agony and repentance. It will be a bliss for those who remained pious and spend their lives and prescribed within the tenants of laws.

Source by Ehtesham Mirza

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