Your New Retirement Lifestyle – Reinvent Work, Travel, and Begin a New Hobby

As I indicated in a previous article, we are living longer and healthier lives. There is time to reinvent ourselves and try new things. Here are some additional suggestions.

Travel – Now’s The Time

For whatever reason, travel may not have been a priority in your second age. If you have not thought a great deal about it, here are some interesting ideas.

o House swapping in another country
o RV travel domestic or overseas
o Eldertreks ( stress free worldwide travel for people over 55
o Take a walking vacation
o Travel with the grandchildren
o Rent a houseboat
o Take a hosteling vacation

Reinvent Work

There are a plethora of reasons for continuing to work. Perhaps you simply need the money, or the health benefits, or, are desirous of staying physically or mentally active. Have you given consideration to re-careering yourself?

A recent survey by the Associated Press indicates that at least 66% of baby boomers that are retiring plan on working. Further, many employers are quite interested in hiring experienced and mature workers especially with entrepreneurial experience. Do not ever think that you are too old, because you may be admitting a defect that’s not even there.

Here are some great ways to reinvent work:

o Start a small business: The SBA has a very informative website to help you get started.
o Help ease the teacher shortage – become a teacher or a substitute: Most school systems offer emergency certification programs.
o Caretake someone else’s property: Check the Caretaker’s Gazette if you have the time and flexibility to join the many retirees that are doing this.
o Work from your RV or work while living in your RV.
o Re-locate to semi-retire: You can find a new place to both live and work. Read Where to Retire Magazine to find attractive locations.
o Phase in your retirement: Make it gradual rather than abrupt.

Start a New Hobby

Beginning a new hobby is a great way to re-charge your third age. If you have lead a steadfast routine, working long and hard hours, a hobby will offer you a new perspective on the years ahead. Remember, you are going to find the new you!

o Learn to be an artist: Visit your local galleries and get involved in their education programs. You can also take correspondence courses. On the Internet visit Art Instruction Schools ( Or, you can enroll in a variety of online courses from schools like the Art Institute. Or, you can enroll in popular adult education course in your local community.
o Learn to play a musical instrument
o Begin collecting antiques. Pick up a copy of The Unofficial guide to Collecting Antiques, by Sonia Weiss.
o Start a collection: Stamps and coins come to mind. Look into subscribing to Hobbyist Magazine.
o Genealogy: If you go to the website, easy step-by-step guidance is available.
o Learn to pursue a hobby: Take a Vacation Challenge – Why not take a vacation that will enhance your skills for a hobby that you have an interest in. I suggest Ghost Ranch and Folkschool. If you have any musical talent, Hidden Valley Music offers a variety of musical instruction culminating in performances on all levels.

Source by Jeffrey Webber

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